Payment Method Statuses

The Payment Method status field is used to determine whether or not a Payment Method can be used to create a Payment by Plastiq Connect.

Payment Method statuses:

ACTIVEThe payment method is active and can be used to create a payment.
INACTIVEThe payment method was stored successfully, but is not ready to be used to create a payment. The status reason will provide more information.

Status Reasons

Status reasons represent feedback on the status of a given Payment Method. If the status is INACTIVE, there will be statusReasons containing details on how to resolve the status before creating a Payment. Each status reason object will have a code and a message.

At this time PAYMENT_METHOD_REQUIRES_TIN is the only status reason associated to an INACTIVE status.

  "status": "INACTIVE",
  "statusReasons": [
          "code": "PAYMENT_METHOD_REQUIRES_TIN",
          "message": "This payment method requires additional TIN information. Please update the payment method with the TIN information or use a different payment method before submitting a payment intent."

Payment Method Requires Tin

If the code PAYMENT_METHOD_REQUIRES_TIN is returned in the statusReasons array it means the cardholder is in a region that requires uploading additional information to the identityDocuments field of a payer. This can be done via the PATCH /payers API endpoint. More info on adding Identity Documents, such as TIN, can be found here Identity Documents.

Successfully patching the payer object with identity information will automatically update any payment methods in an INACTIVE state due to the PAYMENT_METHOD_REQUIRES_TIN status reason to ACTIVE.

A recipe for updating a payer in this way can be found here: