Most API resources have the capability to retrieve a list of objects. As of now, you can retrieve a list of Payments, Recipients, Payment Methods, and Categories.

Except for retrieving a list of Categories, the list requests above support the same pagination query parameters:

Query ParamDescriptionDefault Value
offsetThis value indicates the starting point for a set of resources.0
limitThis value limits the number of results per request.10 (max 100)

Fetch Recipients Example

A Fetch Recipient request is made with offset set to 0 and limit set to 3.

curl --request GET \
  --url \
  --header 'API-Key: <<apiKey>>' \
  --header 'Accept: application/json'
	"data": [
      "id": "a8d4e641-e130-43d1-90a0-9717561539aa",
      "businessName": "Philz Coffee",
      "categoryId": "6f0eb884-3f41-4b57-b86a-80f62dca011e",
      "businessAddress": {
        "line1": "19439 Stevens Creek Blvd",
        "line2": null,
        "city": "Cupertino",
        "state": "CA",
        "postalCode": "V3W4J4",
        "country": "US"
      "contact": {
        "firstName": "Bob",
        "lastName": "Smith",
        "email": "[email protected]",
        "phone": "4155550100"
      "receivingMethod": {
        "type": "ACH",
        "accountNumber": "YOUR_WIRE_ACCOUNT_NUMBER",
        "routingNumber": "YOUR_WIRE_ROUTING_NUMBER",
        "beneficiaryName": "Philz Coffee",
        "country": "US"

Resources that do not contain any results will resolve with an empty array of the same data structure:

	"data": []

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