What is a Payment?

In Plastiq Connect, a Payment is the transfer of money in exchange for goods or services.

Payment Intent to Payment

However, before we begin talking about Payments, the relationship between a Payment Intent and Payment should be clarified.

Creating a Payment Intent is only a means to ultimately create a Payment.

More specifically, a Payment object is typically the result of a Payment Intent in a 'CAPTURABLE' status that is successfully utilized to create a Payment using POST Payments.

Payment Lifecycle

Upon successful Payment creation, the associated Payment Intent status transitions from 'CAPTURABLE' to 'CAPTURED'. This also means the status of the Payment is now 'CHARGED'.

At this point, the Payment Intent used to create the Payment no longer serves a critical role in the Payment lifecycle.

The Payment object now serves to captures lifecycle events as the Payment enters the fulfillment process.

Payment Attributes

On top of capturing all of the associated underlying Payment Intent attributes, Payments include the following high-level attributes:

AttributeDescriptionAPI Field Name
PayerThe individual or business making the Paymentpayer.Id
Payment IntentThe Payment construct drafted by the PayerpaymentIntent.Id
StatusThe Payment's stage in the fulfillment journeystatus

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