Embed prebuilt UI components into your application to streamline integrating with Plastiq Connect

Connect Workflows allows you to quickly integrate with Plastiq Connect APIs through an iFrame component that can be embedded into your web or mobile application. By simply adding a script to your webpage, and passing the minimally required data to the iFrame, your users can make Payments without you needing to implement any UI elements of your own.



The Checkout workflow is an end-to-end experience that provides users with a UI to create all of the required resources to make a Payment including creating: Payers, Recipients, Payment Methods, and the Payment. Alternatively, you can pass in the ID of a previously created resource (such as an existing Payer), so users don't have to re-enter data each time.

Payment Method

The Payment Method widget (also a part of the full Checkout workflow) can be used to collect and tokenize Payment Method information. Because all sensitive data flows through the widget to Plastiq Connect APIs, your systems never have to handle the PCI data.

UI Elements


A preview of available UI elements