Status Codes

HTTP Response Status Codes

Plastiq Connect uses conventional HTTP status codes to indicate the status of an API request.

In summary:

  • 2xx status codes indicate a successful response
  • 4xx status codes indicate an error with the provided request and result in a failed response
  • 5xx status codes indicate an error with the Plastiq Connect services

Status Code Table

Plastiq Connect implements a subset of the HTTP protocol status codes to represent the status of a request.

200OKRequest successfully processed.
201CreatedResource successfully created.
400Bad RequestRequest was not valid. Either bad or missing parameters in request body, or other errors related to the request. Correct returned error to proceed.
401UnauthorizedRequestor not authorized to perform action. Check API-Key header or returned error.
403ForbiddenRequest not allowed for given API-Key or resource Id.
404Not FoundResource or sub-resource not found. Check supplied resource Id.
409ConflictSupplied Idempotency-Key already in-flight. This request is a duplicate and the API is not ready to return a response.
500Internal Server ErrorPlastiq Connect server error. Retry request. If it persists, contact Plastiq.
503Service UnavailableService is temporarily unavailable. Typically due to maintainence. Please see attached JSON payload for details or try again later.

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