Delivery Timeframes

When you initiate a Payment via Plastiq Connect, Payers are given the flexibility to decide how their Payments get delivered. The how is typically reflected in the type of ReceivingMethod assigned to the Recipient being paid.

Payments are fulfilled via check (cheque), electronic transfer (ACH or EFT), or wire. Albeit, each type of receivingMethod has a general delivery timeframe that Plastiq Connect can meet.

A Payment delivery timeframe manifests itself in the form of a deliveryDate assigned to a valid Payment Intent. Below you can find a list of Payment delivery timeframes associated with different receiving methods and recipient countries.

Delivery Timeframes

Receiving Method

Recipient Country

Delivery Timeframe

Check (Cheque)

  • United States
  • Canada

8 business days
2 business days (expedited - US)


  • United States

2-3 business days


  • Canada

3 business days


Domestic: Next business day
International: 2-3 business days

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