Payment Review Process

Payments submitted through Plastiq Connect are subject to review. This review process allows us to better understand the nature of and reason for a user's payment. During this review process, Plastiq may place a temporary hold on a payment and may request more information from the sender, including, but not limited to, verification of the sender's identity, an associated bill, invoice, lease, or other evidence of payment terms with the recipient. Providing the required documentation in a timely manner helps to expedite the review process.

Why is this process necessary?
Additional information may be required to process payments to ensure they fall within Plastiq's terms of service. Communications from our Account Services team may be initiated via email or phone call using the contact details the sender provided. Plastiq’s ability to efficiently and effectively review payments is reliant upon the cooperation of the sender. Delayed or lack of cooperation could negatively impact the delivery of a payment.

At its sole discretion, Plastiq reserves the right to cancel any payment. In such cases and as permitted by applicable law, the funds will be returned to the user via the original payment method. Plastiq is relieved of any liability the user may incur, including, but not limited to, late fees, penalties, or interest due to payments that are held, denied, or reversed.

Unsupported Payment Types
Plastiq is unable to support the following:
-Payments for drug paraphernalia and controlled substances
-Payments to collection agencies
-Self-payments or payments to your own company
-Peer-to-peer payments
-Payments to 401K or retirement funds

Supporting Documentation
Different documentation may be requested for different payment types. Supporting documentation must be provided no later than 5 days from the date of the initial request. In cases where a sender does not have documentation to provide for a specific payment, they may provide copies of past payments showing an established payment pattern.

Payment TypeDocumentation
Business ServicesInvoice
Rent and Real EstateLease
OtherBill or Invoice

Supported File Types
When uploading documentation, please note that the following file types are supported: