Once a Payment is created, it begins its fulfillment journey. Payment statuses are made available in real-time to reflect a Payment's stage in the fulfillment process.

Plastiq Connect will notify clients of Payment status updates via webhook events. Alternatively, API clients can call the GET Payments endpoint and supply a Payment ID in order to retrieve a Payment's status.

The table below displays the set of Payment statuses supported today:

CHARGEDThe Payment has been successfully captured from the Payment Method.
UNDER_REVIEWThe Payment is undergoing manual risk review and additional information is required.
IN_TRANSITThe Payment has been dispatched for fulfillment.
DEPOSITEDThe Payment has been successfully fulfilled.
REFUNDEDThe Payment has been refunded to the Payment Method.
NOT_CAPTUREDThe Payment failed to be captured from the Payment Method.


To learn about the additional information and document types that might be requested for Payments in an UNDER_REVIEW status, please visit the Documents section.

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