Searching for Transactions

The primary tool for locating payments in the Plastiq Connect Partner Portal is called Transaction Search. You can reach this area of the portal by clicking the Transaction search button on the left-hand side of the screen.


The "Search By" field indicates the search parameter (e.g. Payment ID, Payer Name, and Recipient Name).

Search Parameters
You can narrow the search by selecting a search parameter from the "Search By" dropdown menu. The following variables are included as search parameters:

-Payment ID
-Payer ID
-Payer Name
-Payer Email Address
-Payer Phone Number
-Recipient ID
-Recipient Name
-Recipient Email Address
-Recipient Phone Number

In the example below, we've selected "Payer Name" from the dropdown menu and searched for all payments submitted by the payer "Bob Smith".


Narrow the search results by clicking the "Filter" button in the upper right-hand corner (highlighted in green).

Click on any Payment ID in the first column (highlighted in green) to see more transaction details.

The Status column tells you where a payment is on the funding timeline. These statuses are key indicators for all transactions and should be your first reference point when communicating payment updates to customers. To learn more about what each status signifies, please refer to this page.