What is a Payment Method?

A Payment Method is a financial instrument used to fund a Payment. Plastiq Connect currently supports bank account and card Payment Methods.

In Plastiq Connect, Payment Methods are defined by a set of core attributes described below:

Payment Method Attributes


AttributeDescriptionAPI Field Name
Cardholder NameThe name on the cardcardholderName
Account NumberThe account number on the dardaccountNumber
CVVThe 3-4 digit card security code (CSC) in the front or back of the card depending on your card brandcvv
Expiration DateThe expiration date assigned to the cardexpirationMonth, expirationYear
Billing AddressThe billing address associated with the cardholderbillingAddress
StatusThe associated status of the Payment Method in Plastiq Connect's systemstatus

Bank Accounts

AttributeDescriptionAPI Field Name
Account OwnerThe name on the bank accountaccountHolderName
Routing NumberThe routing number for the bank accountroutingNumber
Account NumberThe account number for the bank accountaccountNumber
Account TypeThe account types currently supported for bank accounts are 'CHECKING' and 'SAVINGS'accountType
StatusThe associated status of the Payment Method in Plastiq Connect's systemstatus


Additional Account Types

Plastiq Connect has support for additional account types in the roadmap. The Implementation Guide will be updated as those new options are made available to integrating platforms.

Tokenization and Vaulting Options

Plastiq offers a one-step and a two-step process for creating a Payment Method, supporting different operating environments and integrating platform needs.

One-Step Process

The one-step process is intended for integrating platforms that can securely transmit sensitive data from their application infrastructure directly to the Payment Method endpoint using their API Key, and where the additional audit requirements of handling such secure transmission of sensitive data is not a concern.

Two-Step Process

The two-step process, using a Client-Secret (a single-use token), enables the integrating platform to transmit sensitive data, such as PII or PCI, directly to our Payment Method endpoint from an end-user's device or browser.

The first step in this process is to generate a Client-Secret using the secure API-Key, and supplying that to the end-user device. The end-user device, such as a browser, is then enabled to make an API request to the Payment Method endpoint.

Payment Method TypeAPI Key SupportedClient Secret Supported
Bank Accountβœ”οΈβœ”οΈ

Payment Method Tokenization

Sensitive Payment Method details, such as card PAN (Primary Account Number) and bank account number, are tokenized in a distinct environment from other resources in the Plastiq Connect API. The Payment Method details are encrypted at rest using AES 256-bit encryption.


Please refer to our Payment Method Errors documentation for errors you may encounter adding Payment Methods.

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