Header Parameters


All Plastiq Connect API response payloads contain a trace-Id value.

This value is a unique Id (UUID v4) that can be used to help diagnose where errors occurred.

Integrating platforms can provide their own traceId as part of a request through the Trace-Id request header.

Device Metadata

Plastiq Connect APIs give you header options to capture and transmit material device metadata.

User-Agent, End-User-Device-Id, and End-User-IP fields of string type are available across all Plastiq Connect APIs. They are intended to capture the following attributes:

  • User-Agent - A string representing the user-agent
  • End-User-Device-Id - A unique identifier for the end user's browser
  • End-User-Ip - The IP address of the end-user


Best Practices

It is best practice to include this metadata for POST Payments, POST Payment Methods, POST Payers, and POST Recipients where available.

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