Payment Issue Resolution Paths

General questions about Plastiq Connect, payment statuses, or data inquiries can be forwarded to our support team at [email protected]. Our team will respond within four hours and provide assistance.

Escalating Connect Portal Issues
In the event of degraded performance or failed payments due to transaction errors, contact Plastiq and our support team will work to deliver a resolution within two business days. You can expect an initial response to any support request within four hours.

If a Connect feature is completely impaired and no longer functioning, please contact our team so we can investigate the issue and work to deliver a resolution within one business day.

API Outage
Plastiq monitors for the occurrence of severe incidents (i.e. API outages) that might impact the success of customer payments on a large scale. In this scenario, Plastiq's on-call engineering team will identify the issue and reach out to your team directly and work to resolve the outage within 4 hours.

Payment Disputes
If a payer opens a dispute with their card issuer, our team will contact your organization directly for more information about the disputed transaction. Plastiq will work with your organization to promptly resolve the dispute.