How do I cancel a payment?
Once a payment has been successfully charged, that transaction cannot be voided or canceled in the Plastiq Connect Partner Portal. Please contact the Plastiq team and include the payment ID for the transaction (available in the Partner Portal) in the subject line or body of your email so we can locate it and provide further assistance.

A payment appears to be held up and hasn't been sent out yet. What do I do?
Plastiq will occasionally place a hold on payments that [require review] ( before the funds can be disbursed. With the payer's cooperation, these reviews are completed promptly (i.e. within one business day) and the hold will be released.

Payments held for this reason will show Under Review as their status when you use the Transaction Search tool.

What fees are assessed on payments?
Plastiq will assess a Payment Fee based on the amount of the transaction and the terms of the partnership. For more information regarding transaction pricing for payments submitted via Plastiq Connect, please contact the individual at your organization that manages your Plastiq Connect partner agreement.

Payments to Canadian recipients will be assessed a 1% cross-border fee if the payments are funded with a credit card or debit card issued within the United States. Plastiq will charge the card in CAD. Issuers may assess an additional fee for the payment conversion between CAD and USD.

Are prepaid cards supported on Plastiq?
Plastiq can support payments made with personal prepaid debit cards. However, these cards can only transact up to $10,000 per month. Any payments submitted with a personal prepaid card that exceeds this limit will be declined. Payments made with payroll cards (e.g. ADP ALINE and Wisely cards) do not have this limit restriction.

Is Plastiq secure?
Keeping customer account and payment information safe is Plastiq's top priority. That's why we implement top-of-the-line security measures to ensure the protection of all data collected. This includes extensive physical and network security, payment processing security, web application security, operational security, and more. Along with these measures, we are regularly adapting as technology and threats evolve.

To learn more about Plastiq's commitment to strong data security and the safety of our customers, please visit our website.